Jan 2009 Monthly Feature                     

The Ghost

Nicknamed the Ghost this is the furthest development to date using the Porsche Boxster bodywork.

The car has a full ChMo tube frame, mid engine configuaration with significant development but kept to reasonable equipment for the budget race team to operate. She is light, powerfull and well balanced and is a podium car with the right driver everywhere she runs.


This car is fast and beats GT3RS cars and the high HP V8s...one of a kind...and is a very reliable car with a proven engine and gearbox combination. The brakes are simply phenomenal and will out last every other car on the track. The car is set-up for sprints and endurance racing with good driver cooling, excellent engine cooling, and never any brake fade.

porschesportThis is not a good first time car as it needs a hot shoe driver to take it to the limits where it is at home...she is 45%/55% balanced with minimum weight of 1750# but currently adjusted to 2050# with ballast for the local rules. The chassis is similar to a formula car with a narrow safety cage around the driver.

The chassis has all the hard points for the engine, transaxle and suspension in a small size around the driver. This makes for a very centered and low center of gravity.

porschesportThe body is mounted on lightweight ChMo posts that extend out from the main chassis which creates large tunnels down each side of the car which are used for air-management and cooing.

The driver position is on the left side of the chassis to satisfy the offset driver rule but only enough to pass the regs and no more.

The drivers weight is offset with the computers, driver cooling system, coolers and oil tank on the oposite side of the chassis.

The car is perfectly balanced and drivers 6' 2" and less will fit well in the car...the seat is fixed and can use Indy seat foam inserts for smaller drivers. The pedals are all overhung Tilton with adjustable position in and out. Brake balance is cockpit adjustable on the fly with a Tilton balance bar set-up.


The shifter is mounted high and only a few inches from the steering wheel, the fire system is in easy reach of the driver and is a 3-nozzle halon system. The steering wheel is an OMP formula suede wheel with an AIM digital dash display mounted in the wheel. The car is running an AIM EVO 8-channel Pro-Racing data aquisition system with 8 analog and infinite digital channels. It can log a 24 hour race if desired.

Currently being data logged: G-force LAT and LOG, Steering wheel position, Oil temp, oil pressure, RPM, Front tire temp, rear tire temp, lap times, logger temp, Wide-band O2, thottle position, brake on/off, gear in use, front wheel speed, rear wheel speed, battery volts. The entire electrical system is dash mounted with a digital push button system with circuit breakers (No fuses) and can be reset on the fly.

porschesportTwo analog guages are behind the wheel in case of digital dash failure (Oil temp and pressure). Drivers view is excellent in all directions and cage is legal for drivers to 6' 2" tall. No buffeting is felt by the driver at speed. Engine heat is not felt once underway. Brakes are very light and have the best feel I have felt in 20 years for racing.

Steering is heavy in the pits but light underway, but not too light under the bumps. Shifting is cable actuated and light. Clutch is heavy but only needed to start the car off with the Dog-Box...more on the gearbox later.

The accelerator petal is long travel and is adjustable it desired to have a shorter throw, the driver has 5 point cam release belts and xxit from the car is very fast with the open top and no panels need to be removed for te driver to get in and out. The Wheel has a quick release and has the radio push to talk mounted on it.

The gearbox is a special unit that is well supported, It is a Fortin/Hewland DG300 hybrid using at a 5-speed dog ring box which used conventional Hewland gears, dogs and sliders but uses an aluminum heavy duty case that directly mounts to the Porsche engine without adapters. The Fortin R&P is 9" verses the small Hewland unit. It is using a special locker which gives upto 100% lock but allows for slip in the corners. It is mechanical and requires no maintainance.

Shifting the Hewland/Fortin is extremely fast and true. Gear drops are progresivly tighter as the you go up the gears to 900 RPM in the 4-5 switch, as with all Hewlands you can change out gear sets in 10 mins or even in a 5 min pit stop if you are organised. The Fortin case is bullet proof and can take 1000 HP...all Hewland parts are readily avialable as are the Fortin parts. The box was last built by the manufacturer 2 races ago...the gearbox has a large cooler and electric Tilton pump system.

Suspension is inboard hinged long A-Arms front and rear and all points are rod-end mounted with aerospace hardware everyting is easily adjustable and there are no soft mounts. Dampers are KONI 2X adjustable IMSA units. Steering is Rack and Pinion while the Hubs and bearings are all Porsche. Rear axles are custom made out off 300M material and use 930 CVs. They are overbuilt and have proven reliable in all conditions (no need to ever change them).

The brakes are 13"/1" 6-piston units in front and 12.9"/.75" 4-piston in the rear...the balance is perfect...this makes for late braking passes! The pads can last any sprint season! The engine was custom developed with CMW Motorsports. Engine is likely the strongest 3.6 ltr built to date.


The car is for sale for US $49,000

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Started like running SCCA GT2 with a 2.8 ltr before running with TCRA in California as a GT car. Now she runs in the Central American PRO-GT series in GT2.

Performance Data

  • Class: GT1, GT2, GT3
  • Weight: 1750 lbs



  • Engine Builder: Khajavi Motorsports, CMW
  • Manufacturer: Porsche
  • Type: Boxster RSR
  • Displacement: 3600
  • Horsepower: 408
  • Torque: 365
  • Induction: Normally aspirated, Six individual TWM 55mm throttle bodies
  • Heads: CMW 'D' port big valve heads with Ferrea valves, vanadium springs, ti-retainers
  • Block: Porsche 993
  • Main Caps: Porsche
  • Crankshaft: Porsche 964 Crossdrilled, knife edged
  • Connecting Rods: Pauter ChMo rods
  • Pistons: JE forged, lightweight
  • Camshaft: Elgin custom made for this engine
  • Valves: Ferrea Titanium and Inconel
  • Valve Train: Indy Racing vanadium
  • Clutch: RSR
  • Pressure Plate: RSR/Patrick
  • Flywheel: RSR
  • Exhaust: Stainless 1 7/8
  • Total Time: 2 hours
  • Races: None
  • This engine is run-in and practiced on only.

Fuel System

  • Fuel Cell
  • Manufacturer: ATL
  • Age: 8 years
  • Capacity: 15 gals
  • Fuel Pump: Porsche RSR
  • Fuel Type: 115 Leaded

Oil/Water System

  • Radiator: N/A
  • Water Rad Location: N/A
  • Water Pump: N/A
  • Oil Cooler: Two Setrab, one custom
  • Oil Cooler Location: Two front, one side

Electrical System

  • Ignition: Twin Plug RSR, Nology
  • Alternator: Porsche 100 AMP
  • Battery: Optima
  • Data Logger: AIM EVO-8
  • Computer: WOLF 3D


  • Manfacturer: Hewland/Fortin
  • Type: H-Pattern Dog Ring Transaxle
  • Gears: Hewland DG-300
  • Shifter: Custom cable shift
  • Trans Cooler: Tilton
  • Races: 1/2 season
  • Fortin Aluminum big HP case

Rear End

  • Manufacturer: Fortin
  • Type: 9
  • Cooler: N/A
  • Ratio: 4.37
  • Case: Aluminum for Porsche
  • Differential: Mechanical LSD with 100% lock
  • Axles: Custom 300M
  • Races: 1/2 season
  • Porsche 930 CVs


  • Construction: Cabon, fiberglass and kevlar
  • Color: White
  • Paint: Urathane
  • Condition: 95%
  • Grafics are vinal and removable


  • Type: Tube Frame
  • Builder: Chassis Works
  • Material: ChMo
  • Finish: Black paint
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Front Suspension: 2X A-Arm, ChMo tube
  • Rear Suspension: 2X A-Arm, ChMo tube
  • Shocks: KONI 2X adjustable coil-overs fresh
  • Brakes: Wilwood 6-piston w/13
  • Steering: Porsche rack and pinion
  • Wheels: Lightweight Racing forged 18
  • Tires: Yokohama drys 1.5 sets, Yoko wets 1 set


  • Color/Finish: Tube frame, black
  • Material: ChMo and Aluminum sheet
  • Fire System: Flame Crusher 3-nozzel
  • Restraints: 5-Point cam release
  • Guages: Digital AIM steering wheel mounted dash, backup VDO
  • Steering Wheel: OMP Formula


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