For sale: 2015 Porsche 991 GT3 Cup MY2015  Item No PS004

Car brought as new from Porsche, first owner.   Car has always been prepared to the highest standards and never had any serious damage, the car is used in 2017 Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Series

no chassis damage accidents


Engine -  top end                    43.5 hrs  5997 km

Engine – bottom end            43.5 hrs  5997 km  


Clutch                                         932 km, 3 starts

Gearbox                                     19.4 hrs

Shocks                                        8900 km

Brakes                                         244 km

Driveshaft                                  1575 km both side


Price 113K Euro  ex-works Sepang International Circuit


The car is maintained in top condition by one of the top service teams here in Asia.  For example, gearbox oil is checked for every race, shafts are replaced every half year.  All the components are kept clean to see breakage and ensure reliability.   The car runs in top 3 in its class for the whole season.


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